Unusual funeral personalisation options

24 November 2016

When asked, the vast majority of people answer that they want a funeral ‘without any fuss’.

Funeral ideas for the vain

This is of course fine, admirable even. But for those who like to step outside the norm and go for something more unusual and highly memorable, here are a few ideas of how to go out with a bang that will sound for eternity - or at least for the foreseeable future.

Fancy dress funerals

When Private Kevin Elliot instructed his best friend, Barry Delainey, that were he to die in combat, to wear a bright green dress to his funeral, he never considered this would actually take place. Sadly however, Elliot was killed in action and true to his word, Delainey made quite an impact in his tight-fitting fluorescent dress with contrasting pink socks at the otherwise traditional service.

Turn your ashes into a firework display

Firework company, Heavenly Stars, innovated the firework display industry when they began turning ashes into fireworks. Fast-forward to 2016 and business, like their customers, is booming. The idea is that mourners hold a traditional service with a cremation and present the ashes to the company, who then transform the ashes into a box of fireworks for family and friends to launch at a place and time that suits them.

Consider a permanent memorial

For those looking for a more permanent way to remind future generations of their prior existence, there are a number of companies who will sculpt a bespoke statue. Location is difficult as you would either have to own the land or get permission from the landowner or local council, but this shouldn’t be a stumbling block for those who are truly committed to this option. Statues can cost thousands of pounds and, for one that will truly stand the test of time, a five-figure pricetag is not unusual.

Arrive in style

If you can learn a lot about a person by the car they drive, how they choose to turn up to their own funeral speaks volumes. Custom hearses include converted Bentley’s, double-decker buses, Only Fools and Horses-style Reliant Robins and many more options besides. Most funeral directors will have some alternative hearse option or at least be able to source a vehicle – all you have to do is ask.