Leave your loved ones with memories, not bills

24 April 2016

An increasing number of people are turning to finance options, such as payday loans and credit cards, to pay for the funeral costs of a friend or relative.

Leave your loved ones with memories

A recent report from the British Seniors Insurance Agency revealed that a quarter of people who have dealt with a loved one’s affairs have had to resort to credit cards, personal loans and payday loans to pay for funeral costs. The report revealed that the young were particularly affected with more than 40% using credit cards, and nearly a quarter forced to take out payday loans1.

With a funeral plan from your local funeral director, you can ensure that when the time comes, your loved ones will not bear the full cost of your funeral.

Covering your selected funeral director's costs in advance, a pre-paid funeral plan reduce the potential financial pressure on family and friends who are left behind.

You can also make a contribution to third party costs, such as for the burial or cremation, doctor's, minister's and officiant's fees.

Purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan enables you to choose your funeral arrangements in advance and and even request bespoke services if you wish. In turn, this can reduce the stresses of making difficult decisions for your loved ones.

As the costs of funerals continue to rise, securing your funeral at today’s prices represents shrewd financial planning and taking responsibility for what is ultimately inevitable.

1. British Seniors Insurance Agency, Grave Reality of Dying, January 2016.