The Shropshire Funeral Plan was created by a group of local family businesses that wanted to offer Shropshire people a decent and honest advance funeral planning option. One that wouldn’t lose its value, having cut out commissions to third party salespeople. And one that would ensure customers’ funeral plan pre-payments retained their value and had a financially healthy start.

The group members also wanted to provide a service that was accessible at all times and run by the people recognised as Shropshire’s local funeral professionals. These families have served successive generations and are still behind the front doors of local high streets today, ready to serve you.

The Shropshire Funeral Plan group members pride themselves on providing the highest standards of care for you and your loved ones. With such dedicated people and exemplary premises, their sole aim is to help you through a challenging time, with clarity and honesty.

Their plans are designed to reflect your wishes and reduce the worry for loved ones at the time of need.

Choosing your funeral plan – important information

You can buy a plan for yourself or on behalf of someone else. The funeral plans offered are designed to cover the funeral director's own costs. As long as they carry out the funeral and the requirements don't change, neither you nor your family will be asked to pay a penny more for these costs, regardless of when the plan is needed or what happens to costs in the meantime.

The plans can also include a contribution towards any third party costs (also known as disbursements), such as burial or cremation costs. Please refer to the Key Features Document and Terms and Conditions for more information.

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