Unusual memorial options

19 August 2017

For those interested in exploring different memorial options for ashes, here are some ideas.

Ashes to egg timer

A vinyl record

British company, And Vinyl, presses cremated remains into vinyl records, enabling you to become the centrepiece of a loved one’s record collection. If arranging in advance, you can even specify the music you would like to be placed on the record. The company also presses personalised recordings and artistic record sleeves.

A roman candle

Heavenly Stars Fireworks is a company that turns ashes into fireworks. The fireworks ensure an incomparably large scatter area for ashes and options include self-fire or professionally-fired versions.

An egg timer

“Like sand through an hourglass, those are the days of our lives,” goes the introduction to the hit US soap, Days of Our Lives. Channelling the spirit of the show itself, Lifetime Hourglass Urn turns ashes into bespoke and beautiful hourglasses.

A tattoo

Commemorative Tattoos enables you to have your ashes mixed with tattoo ink and etched onto someone else’s body. It pays to make sure in advance that the person you intend to recieve the tattoo is willing, otherwise your chosen design could end up an unpublished masterpiece.