Top four funeral trends

03 July 2015

The funeral landscape is constantly changing; from eco-friendly ceremonies to alternative therapy for those bereaving.

Eco-friendly funeral

Keeping ahead of current trends can help to make a funeral as personal as possible, while ensuring loved ones are given the best support during this difficult time. We've looked at the top four latest issues and trends currently facing the funeral industry and the public:

1. Funerals and burial space key issues for the 2015 parliament

The rising cost of funerals and the increasing lack of burial space has been purported to be a major problem for Parliament this year.

Funeral costs continue to increase and there are increasing reports of funeral poverty and people having to use credit cards and bank loans to meet the shortfall.

With a projected 680,000 burials in 2016, aside from the issue of cost there’s an even bigger concern. Burial spaces, particularly within urban areas, are becoming increasingly sparse, which may be why the rates of cremation are rising (accounting for three quarters of funerals). The reuse of graves has been viewed as controversial for some time now, but is still under review.

2. Bereaved families facing funeral postcode lottery

No one likes to think about funerals, but it’s important to be prepared. Planning in advance, even if it’s taking little steps, will help you ensure you’re not leaving your loved ones in emotional and financial turmoil.

The postcode lottery is becoming increasingly evident in Scotland where families in some council areas are paying thousands more than others. A report from Citizens Advice Scotland revealed an average increase in 10% for burials and 5% for cremations, however the cost varies with some constituencies, like Aberdeenshire Council increasing fees by 42%.

A pre-paid funeral plan can offer the ideal solution as it enables people to set out their wishes and make financial provision for their funeral in advance.

3. Funeral homes are using therapy dogs to comfort mourners

Dealing with bereavement is difficult and it’s normally friends and family that help to get you through. But funeral homes in America have found that dogs can help with the mourning process.

Therapy dogs are trained to comfort funeral attendees and mourners, giving them love at a time of much needed support which is shown to help ease the grieving process.

4. Eco-funerals

Modern funeral practices can be seen as controversial. For example, some religions restrict what you can and can’t practice as part of a funeral. The rise in ‘eco offers new options for bereaved families.

From ashes that form artificial reefs or trees to biodegradable coffins, here’s some ideas to see if an 'eco funeral' is for you.