Top five reasons to use your local funeral director

18 May 2017

When purchasing a funeral plan, there are generally two ways to do so; directly from a funeral plan provider, or via a local funeral director.

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Here are five reasons to get your funeral plan from a local funeral director.

1. Increased value

Some funeral plan companies deduct marketing costs and commission payments for sales agents from the purchase price. This means that a significant proportion – sometimes up to £1,000 - of your payment is absorbed in costs before the local funeral director is paid to carry out the funeral.

2. Access to a local industry professional

A pre-paid funeral plan is more than just a financial product. It is the arrangement of your funeral, giving those left behind a chance to pay their respects. As such, it should be treated with the compassion and dignity that funeral directors working in the community demonstrate daily.

When you purchase your plan through a local funeral director you have access to all the information you need about local conventions and customs that will help you plan with confidence. Such information may not be known by a sales agent representing a plan provider who has limited knowledge of funeral directing and local arrangements. So, if you want the opportunity to specify the venue where you’d like your service to take place, and explain that it's because that is where you were married, or request that the funeral procession passes the pub where you like to spend your evenings, your local funeral director is in the best position to confirm what is and isn’t possible. By going to see your local funeral director, these details can be discussed sincerely and a service, befitting of your wishes, can be much more personally pre-arranged.

3. Support your local community

The chances are that you already know who your local funeral director is. Local communities depend on the support of people in the immediate area. By using your local funeral director for your pre-paid funeral plan, you are ensuring that a local firm will receive your business when the time comes, and that the knowledge and expertise of the firm will remain in the area for the future.

4. Discourage aggressive sales techniques

Other than an advert in the paper and a flyer through the door once in a while, you are unlikely to see too much advertising from your local funeral directing firm. The same cannot be said for some funeral plan providers who sell directly to the public. Many use door to door sales representatives to target people in their homes. They also use sales agents to sell plans in public areas where people are encouraged to take out a funeral plan on the spot. These sales tactics can be aggressive and are not always appropriate for such an important and sensitive purchase. By arranging a home visit with your local funeral director, or going to visit them personally, you are casting a vote against these tactics, in favour of supporting a local business which operates with respect and compassion.

5. Guarantee your choice of funeral director

Usually, the only way to control who carries out your funeral is to purchase a plan directly from the funeral director of your choice. Too often cases are reported where plans are sold directly by plan providers, and promises are made for the funeral to be conducted by a certain funeral director, without there being an agreement with that firm in place. Only at the time of the funeral, when it is too late to do anything about it, is the family made aware and subsequently forced to use the services of an alternative funeral director, rather than the one specified by their now deceased loved one.

By pre-arranging your funeral with your chosen funeral director, you secure their services for your funeral when the time comes.