Put an end to cold calling in the funeral planning industry

23 December 2017

One of the most unfavourable practices in modern sales and marketing among consumers is cold calling, i.e. receiving unsolicited calls from salespeople trying to sell you something.

Put an end to cold calling in the funeral planning industry

Unfortunately, cold calling has entered the funeral planning industry and the best way to stop it is to make the practice redundant by visiting your local funeral director for a funeral plan and registering with the Telephone Preference Service.

In many ways it’s surprising cold calling isn’t illegal. Calling people in their homes, to offer a product they may already know exists, armed with a script to counter their every interjection, in our view, is no way to behave. Yet there are a number of funeral pre-planning companies who use outbound call centres as a way to boost direct sales.

In some cases, potential customers may be vulnerable and feel pressured into making a decision regarding a product which may not be best suited to them. This is one reason we are against aggressive sales tactics such as cold calling or door-to-door selling.

Choosing a pre-paid plan from a local funeral directing can pose a better deal for you and it is also a vote against aggressive sales techniques.

Salespeople who push funeral plans through call centres usually receive a commission. This is often separate to the plan provider's administration fee, which means you could pay extra, or it could be taken from the eventual amount provided to you funeral director for your funeral.

Consider also the difference in expertise you will receive from a local funeral director with years of industry experience, and someone who has been trained to sell funeral plans over the phone. Your funeral director has built contacts in the area and can make suggestions based on years of local experience, for example about the best celebrants to use, the best way to achieve your funeral wishes.

Funeral plans are of great benefit to the consumer because they allow people to reduce the worry for loved ones and make financial provision for the inevitable. However cold calling and aggressive sales have no place in this private and sensitive industry. Visit your local funeral director for a better deal and a more personal approach.