One in four people experience mental health problems

22 November 2015

One in four of us are affected by mental health problems at some point each year.

Natural burial

Yet for every pound spent on mental health research by the government only a third of a penny is donated by the public, compared to £2.75 for Cancer. Mental illness significantly affects life expectancy and wellbeing and it affects the younger population most. There is an important need for research and awareness as well as the removal of stigma in society to help promote the need for charity for this important issue.

Mental health problems are beginning to gain more public attention and increasing knowledge is putting a greater strain on resources and the NHS. Mental illness has a greater disease burden in the UK than cancer and cardiovascular disease though the NHS health expenditure does not match this demand.

Simon Harkin, Programme Manager at Ecclesiastical said: “There is a terrible stigma attached to mental illness and depression – it comes with a lot of guilt. People are quick to judge. Perhaps for these reasons mental health is so poorly funded.”

Simon’s younger brother, Phil, suffered from bi-polar disorder for several years before he took his own life in 2003. On the day of his death Simon felt inspired to write and record a song which you can listen to here.

Mental Health Research UK is the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illnesses, their causes and cures. It is one of the few charities in the UK which gives at least 95% of all donations received to its charitable aim of research into mental health.