How to personalise a funeral

03 July 2015

It’s always extra special when you put a personal stamp on a funeral and it needn’t cost anything more.

Family on a jetty

The touches or personalisation you can include in the event will ensure that everyone has fond memories of the day as well as plenty of memories of your loved one to talk about during the memorial or wake.

Ensure that you have a collection of keepsakes that you can take along to the funeral. Surrounding the funeral venue with keepsakes of your loved one can really help to personalise the funeral and provide conversation pieces for those who you may not know so well at the funeral.

Creating a wall or board of photographs for the event will help everyone share in happy memories. If you can, find a selection which spans the entirety of your loved one’s life. Use anything and everything which represents them, whether it’s them and their hobbies, comical photographs from holidays or serious photos like graduations.

If they had hobbies it might be a nice idea to bring along some of their crafts or works to display as well.

Writing a eulogy or poem is a nice way to personalise sections of the funeral. Also consider selecting readings that meant something to the deceased and their family. You can also select which members of friends and family you would like to speak at the funeral. It can be quite an honour to be asked to speak although some friends and family may prefer not to.

Another nice idea is to place your loved ones cherished items in the coffin with them. This can be things like photographs of beloved family and friends or a favourite item of clothing or a religious item that they loved – even a box of tea bags was enclosed for someone who loved a brew!

Consider bringing in music that your loved one liked and have it played during the ceremony. It can be a nice touch to have their favourite song played during the funeral or during the entrance or exit to the funeral. This is a common request at funerals and can normally be easily accommodated and typically is organised via the funeral director.

Encourage people to get involved in the funeral by bringing mementos along or by getting them involved in the service whether it’s carrying the coffin or giving readings. It can be a nice idea to ask people to bring along a photo or a note or card.

Don’t just place flowers on the coffin, a favourite book or hat could also be sat atop. Invite everyone to come to the coffin as they leave the service- simply touching the coffin can be a heartfelt goodbye. At the gathering afterwards, ask everyone to write a favourite memory in a special book.

Whatever you decide to include, personalisation of the funeral will be the perfect way to remember your loved one and to share memories with the attendees.