Funeral pre-planning: don’t put it off

08 August 2016

Purchasing a funeral plan means facing your own mortality and planning ahead.

Funeral pre-planning - don't put it off

There will never be a better time to take out a pre-paid funeral plan than right now

Here’s why saving your loved ones money and the stress of making difficult decisions is worth biting the bullet.

Fate cannot be tempted

Many of us believe that talking about our funerals is in some way ‘tempting fate’. In reality, the process of taking out a funeral plan has no impact on the rest of your life; it just helps safeguard your loved ones for what happens afterwards.

Funeral costs are rising

Funeral costs have risen significantly over the last decade1, but a pre-paid plan enables you to pay for your funeral director's services today. A funeral plan from us ensures financial provision is in place.

Don't leave it too late

It’s easy to put off making plans for you own funeral. After all, taking out a funeral plan and speaking frankly about how you would like your funeral to take place means recognising there is an end to our lives.

One day it will be too late to take out a funeral plan and help protect loved ones from difficult decisions and costly funeral expenses. By spending an afternoon putting a funeral plan in place with your local funeral director, you can get on with the rest of your life without ever having to worry again.

1. Royal London National Funeral Cost Index, August 2018.