Funeral plans from local funeral directors can offer better value

20 September 2016

People often expect large national companies to be cheaper than small businesses.

What are funeral plans from local providers usually better value?

This is generally the case in other areas of our lives as consumers. However, in the funeral planning industry, national plan providers may not able to offer the same value as local funeral directors for a number of reasons...


Plan providers that sell funeral plans directly to the public can spend more on commissions for salespeople, call centres and an army of staff to pound the streets to make people aware of their funeral plans. It can be the case that, when you take out a funeral plan directly with a plan provider, a commission for the salesperson will come out of your payment as well as a significant administration fee for the business.

Local independent funeral directors are simply not salespeople. They are often pillars of their communities, caring for their families in their time of need. Our transparent and competitive management fee goes towards ensuring your pre-payment is held safely.

Local prices

Plan providers that sell directly to the public may sell ‘one size fits all’ funeral plans at the same price across the country. This price is calculated by taking a national average.

A funeral plan from your local funeral director can be more cost effective as the services are priced locally. Your community funeral director knows the actual cost of the crematorium, burial and celebrant’s fees in your area, or the area you wish to have the funeral if it is elsewhere in the country, as well as venue hire and coffin costs. Independent funeral directors may be able to offer better prices on funeral plans and a personal service that enables you to get the services you want, without paying more.