Ensure you get the funeral director you want with a pre-paid funeral plan

01 January 2018

There is evidence to suggest that some funeral plan providers are promising consumers that they can have the funeral director of their choice without having an agreement in place with the firm.

Ensure you get the funeral director of your choice

This is leaving some people unable to use the funeral director that has looked after their family for generations. Here’s why this is an issue and how to avoid it.

The funeral planning industry is a growing one. With more people than ever seeing the benefit of funeral pre-planning, new providers are constantly entering the market. Some of these have been known to sell a funeral plan before finding a funeral director to actually conduct the funeral.

For some funeral directors, allocations are a contentious issue. This is because the funeral director often recieves less money for allocated funeral plans than the services are worth because the agent has taken a significant cut. If the funeral director refuses to accept the plan because of its low value (after the agent's cut and administration fee), the planholder would be unable to use their specified funeral director.

Many local funeral directors have served the families in their communities for generations. Often, it is as heartbreaking for the funeral director as it is for the customer when a funeral plan has to be re-allocated.

The only way to ensure that your funeral will be conducted by the funeral director of your choice is to take out your pre-paid funeral plan with them. It can often be cheaper, because there are no agents' or sales fees, and you also get the opportunity to speak directly with the person who will be carrying out the work.